Peaceway Financial

Helping Business find Capital, Increase Profits & Customers

Helping Business find Capital, Increase Profits & Customers

We are a correspondent lending firm that works with businesses and owners to assist them in acquiring the capital financing needed for their companies. Our direct lending relationships allow us to secure the appropriate loan structure to meet your financing requirements. Whether you are seeking capital funds to purchase an existing business, finance an expansion of your current business, construct a new building or purchase equipment, we will secure the best available loan structure for you.

Many times business owners use their valuable time to search for financing and meeting with banks who know them, only to be turned down on their loan requests. It is more productive to devote your time to your business operations, and let us secure the proper financing for you.

We obtain financing using:

  • Conventional Commercial Loans
  • SBA or USDA Government Guaranteed Loans
  • Non-Collateral Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Non-Bank Loans
  • Private Investment Financing

You provide us with the necessary insight and information about your business and the goals to reach. We will work with you to construct an achievable plan of action, and using our 70 years of combined business experience, we will secure for you a loan that will meet the strategic plans you have and those goals you want to achieve.

In many cases, because of the reputation, relationship and respect developed with these lenders over the years, we can obtain a loan for your business and negotiate optimum terms for you too. Why not allow us to produce for you the type of financing that will let you achieve the goals you have set for your company?